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Mary Jane's Crochet: Tips on Crochet

Tips on Crochet

1. If you are a beginner, you may want to use a lighter yarn color. It's hard to see the stitches when the yarn is dark.
2. Gauge is very important in crochet, especially with wearables like sweaters, tops, skirts, etc. but not as important with scarves or purses. Using a larger hook or larger yarn than the pattern calls for, will make the item larger. Using a smaller hook and smaller yarn will make your project smaller.
3. The bigger the hook you use, the looser, softer the item will be. This is good for scarves, shawls, some ponchos, and some hats.
4. If you use a smaller crochet hook, and crochet the item tighter, it will tend to be stiff or firm. Some hats and purses need to be firm to hold their shape better.
5. You crochet tighter when you are stressed and looser when you are relaxed. Try to make your project in a short time period, because if you wait weeks or months, you may come back to it, and your gauge is off, even if you have used the same size hook. As a rule, it's better to crochet a little loose, rather than too tight. If your work is too tight, it makes it hard to pull the stitches through, and you're fighting with your work, making it hard. Crochet is supposed to be fun, not work!
6. If you have never tried to crochet with the novelty yarns, like fun fur, boa, or eyelash yarns, because of not being able to see the stitches, try using a plain yarn alonq with the novelty yarn, and use a large hook. I like to use size "P" crochet hook for these projects. You'll be amazed at how much easier and quicker you can crochet with the larger hook. You can make a long, skinny scarf in one hour, even with the fun fur, if you follow this rule.
7. Crochet is incredibly easy. If you have patience and learn how to hold your hook and yarn, you can make almost anything.
8. Surveys have been made among people who crochet and knit both. 98% of these people say that crochet is faster and more fun!
9. If you are making a project, and do not understand the pattern, don't be afraid to keep trying, and by all means ask an experienced crocheter. There are many websites that have tutorials and even videos of how to do stitches. Feel free to e-mail me if you do not understand a step. It could be something very simple that will correct your problem. Please don't give up!
10. If you are crocheting a scarf, and your piece keeps getting wider, it is most likely that you are adding stitches on the row or at the end of the rows. In double crochet, (but not sc) always skip the first stitch (dc) If you don't, your work will keep getting wider as you go.
11. If your piece is getting smaller, you are probably accidentally skipping stitches.
12. Whever you do a chain stitch at the beginning of a row (foundation chain) doesn't it seem to be tighter than the next few rows? I have found that if I use a larger hook for my foundation chain, than the pattern calls for, then the chain will not be too tight. After the foundation chain, go back to using the hook the pattern calls for.
13. You can crochet almost anything, if you are patient and learn how to hold your hook and yarn!